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Travel through art

Creation and art are more than ever useful to our society. Art seems to me to be a vital need of expression where words are not enough.

Tree of Life, Tree of Peace

I create and implement stainless metal sculptures, representing trees of life of different sizes and models.

Through my creations, the symbolism of the tree of life is able to represent the messages that are close to my heart, such as links heaven and earth, unity, strength, wisdom, fraternity, respect, tolerance, freedom and life.

By creating these trees, I also want to focus on our environment. Its complexity and beauty … and the chance to live in a world so beautiful, that we must absolutely preserve and respect.

To finalize this project dedicated to the human and to the protection of the environment, I donate a percentage of sales to charity organizations for sick children and disadvantaged people.

A harmony between professional and artistic know-how

I draw, I paint and I create works of all kinds since my childhood.

With more than 20 years of experience in the assembly and welding of industrial piping.

I link my professional know-how and my art design to bring you a new and timeless artistic touch to beautify your environment.

The Tree of Life project, Tree of Peace


The sculptures are mainly made of stainless steel recovery.
Through this concept, I want to promote recycling and awareness for our environment.
The metal is processed, polished and reworked to give it a second life.
Prefabricated and welded in workshop, different sizes up to more than 6 meters tall, each creation is unique.

The structure of the trees is very resistant, does not fear the bad weather. Ideal for decorating and beautifying a cityscape, a public square or a roundabout all with a positive atmosphere. In the same spirit, smaller creations starting from 50 cm can decorate a living room or a private garden.

Who am I ?

About forty years old. I am from the region of Messina in eastern France.
Cross-border region, rich in heritage and multicultural history.
I paint and draw since my childhood.

My painting expresses my personal and lively style as well as a strong sensitivity in which I would like everyone to be able to project his vision.
Today, it’s time for me to blossom and evolve in my artistic passion.
Evolution essential for me, having spent more than 20 years in the field of welding and assembly of industrial piping as welder, pipefitter and team leader on various sites in France, Germany and Luxembourg.

I link my professional know-how and my artistic creation to design my sculptures.
Beyond the aesthetics of my sculptures “Tree of Life, Tree of Peace”, I wish through my creations to bring a positive message to our society.


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