Tree of Life, Tree of Peace

Décoration Sculpture rond point municipalité

My trees for cities


The stainless metal sculptures “tree of life, tree of peace” can reach 6 meters in height, designed to embellish a public space like a roundabout, a public square or a park.
I want to implement my creations in the different cities of France, Europe and the world to be able to share my message to the greatest number.


Each work is unique and can represent a different type of tree, as opposite a poplar, City of Yutz in Moselle


The sculpture is welded and prefabricated by me in the workshop, then transported and sealed on site at the previously defined place with all the safety and environmental standards related to my professional experience.
Present in different cultures and civilizations around the world, the tree is also for me a universal language. The right symbol to be able to share and export my values ​​and to gather around the same vision in favor of the human, with regard to future generations.