Other sculptures


Stainless steel sculpture, designer

Founder of the “Arbre de vie, Arbre de paix” project.Using the expertise in stainless steel craft and welding to make original creations with a message of peace, brotherhood and tolerance.
Creations made of salvaged metal.


My personal view on art follows a moral code with a goal of creating mainly with salvaged materials (scrap metal from local factories).

This process aims to bridge the gap between what makes the art and its exhibition.
As a matter of fact, recycling waste from factories relates to the biological mechanisms that allow living beings to live, then deteriorate, and in the end participates in the cycle of evolution.

In a region with an heavy industrial legacy I want a positive message to be displayed, a message I would honorably pass to future generations.


I tried as much I could, to be respectful of the environment and only use recycled materials to achieve my metal sculpture endeavor. In another way, this is also a symbol shared by numerous people, from all around the world, people who believe in a better future for mankind.